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And another one...

26 June 1989
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Renais Kael Iceblood has had more than his fair share of trouble, a sin'dorei aged 22. His entire life has been lived in solitude, living in the woods of what is now the Ghostlands before Arthas and the Scourge game to the Sunwell. Afterwards, Renais stumbled blindly about the lands of Quel'Thalas, soon after being picked up by a group of Lordaeron footmen. Renais went to live in the lands of Stormwind before he realized his addiction to the Sunwell's magical energies. Hearing word of Kael'Thas' plans to rid the Blood Elves of their addiction, Renais eagerly joined his ranks, but was dismissed to help the other magistrate in Silvermoon under the command of Rommath. Since then, Renais has been technically living in the now reclaimed Eversong Woods, but spends more time in Silvermoon at the Spire than in his own home. Since then, he has been plagued endlessly by his stupidity, brashness, and quick temper. It never hit him harder than when his fiancee Scen Naizhr died, leaving him with her daughter, Anoralei, who is now growing up under Renais' constant care. Renais has since forgotten all wants of helping their now wretched Sun King, and now only desires to live peacefully. He has recently gotten together with his ex-girlfriend, Eleanea Dawnsky, and hopes that they can live happily and peacefully together.
Despite his constant mood swings, attributed to persistent heartache, he has still found solace in friends such as Trell, Eleanea, and Jamise.